You speak with an accent!

Naturally in your home country, you speak your mother tongue, whether it’s English, Swahili, Shona or French. You only realise you have an accent when someone from a different environment or region or country points it out.   For me, it wasn’t until I moved to Europe (England to be specific) when I realised my accent… Continue reading You speak with an accent!


Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate that woman at work, who looks well put together at 8am? Hair and make-up slayed and outfit on point! Having an all fruit smoothie, and has been to the gym already… Mind you it’s only 8am! Have you ever wondered how she does it. Just how?? She looks so well organised just from the way she looks, clothes… Continue reading HOW DOES SHE DO IT!!!

Negotiation Pay! Gender Pay! Market Pay!

The pay gap between men and women has been a recent headliner. Gender Pay What baffles me the most is why Pay/Salaries/Wages have been made such a taboo topic at work places. To the point where a friend who works for a different company doesn’t feel comfortable disclosing their pay. Clearly companies benefit from this, if knowledge is… Continue reading Negotiation Pay! Gender Pay! Market Pay!

Success & Culture

After reading The Outliers | the story of success| by Malcolm Gladwell, a very good read! The book talks about the stories of success and the secrets behind success. The theory of the book is success equals 10% ability and preparation and 90% luck. The book also introduces the ten-thousand-hour rule, meaning PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.… Continue reading Success & Culture

What is your motivation!!!!

I have heard countless times follow your heart! Follow your passion and you never have to work a day in your life! If you can dream it, you can do it! The law of attraction! You create your own universe as you go along! For some time now  I  have been following these sayings religiously,… Continue reading What is your motivation!!!!